Aunt Karolina…

No, she was not my aunt… …but my grandmothers – if we shall be honest -.                  She was born 1869 in Ysane (No. 6) parish, as a daughter in Hakan & Sissa’s large family, and she get married in 1901 – on the years last day – … and the husband was tailor Lars Svensson Ring.

Lars Svensson Ring was 14 years older than Karolina, and had been married before to Julia Agusta Soderholm (they live in Sölvesborg). He had become a widower at the end of november 1898, and was suddenly alone with nine children … where the three youngest were younger than ten years.

Sometimes it is said that great name was the only thing poor parents could give their children … and in that case, tailor Lars Svensson Ring must has been very poor, when he named his children to Patrik Viktorius (1877), Wiggur Reinhold (1879), Georg Willhelm (1880), Edvin Jack (1882), Mauritz Izidoff (1883), Lilie Desideria Elisabeth (1886), Louis Ido William (1889), Tyra Aurora (1891), Konrad Fabian (1894-1895) och Siri Bathildes Augusta (1896)… everyone with the surname Ring.

When their mother Julia Augusta died of lung hemorrhage (tuberculosis) 1898,  was she only 42 years old, but … before that, her eldest son – Patrik Viktorius – has left the home and traveled to Stockholm (probably as a tailor’s apprenticein, because in 1900 he returns to Solvesborg as tailors).  The same year (1900), in February, Georg Wilhelm traveled to Chicago (where he lives with his family to at least 1930), and the following year in August (1901) emigrated Edwin Jack (he lived with his family in Chicago, and was buried in 1949 at Graceland cementery)… but ther was nevertheless many children that Karolina became foster mother to when she married their father Lars Svensson Ring … and moved to Solvesborg, and more would it be :-)

In the same pace as Lars Svensson Rings older children left home, Karolina get birth to new babys, namely; Gunnar Henning (1902), Signe Hanna Linnea (1904), Alli Birgit Ragnhild (1905), Konrad Leonard (1906), Edith Ingeborg (1908), Erik Emanuel (1910) and Elsa Valborg (1915-1915). When Caroline died in 1916 was only her husbands two oldest sons stil in Sweden, the other had crossed the Atlantic, one by one …

History repeated itself… Lars Svensson Ring was a widower with three small children younger than ten years again…… but this time he don´t married again, he packs everything in August 1920 and leave Sölvsborg for the last time, whit his youngest children Konrad, Erik, Ally och Signe (Karolinas kids) and leave Sweden for good… goal of the trip was Mauritz Ring, 6031 South Peoria St. Chicago.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸A new day in the ancestors tracks ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ϗ


Karolina’s parents Håkan Svensson (1830-1923) & Sissa Nilsdotter (1840-1920)… and the  grandparents to Gunnar Henning, Konrad, Erik, Ally and Signe… anywhere in the U.S.

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4 kommentarer till Aunt Karolina…

  1. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    And there – 19 June 1926 – leaving Karolina’s last child Sweden. I have not found her before – Edith Ingeborg, born 1908 – because she traveled from Borlänge (Dalarna) as a stepdaughter to Erik Fritze (EF was married to Karolina’s sister Elsa Håkansdotter)

    The only thing I know about Karolina’s children is that her son Erik Emanuel died in St.Cruz (California) in 1979 …


  2. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    Konrad Leonard (born 1906) died in Santa Clara, California, United States in 1993 …
    Gunnar Henning (born 1902) died in Chicago, Cook, Illinois 1932 …

    Did they have families? And what happened to their sisters?


  3. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    With a little help is Ally caught :-).
    She called herself Alice, and was married to a Danish man whit name Ingwald Hertz. Two daughters …


  4. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    Seventeen children received Lars Svensson Ring in two marriages in a period of thirty eight years. Two died as young children…
    Only one – Wiggur Reinholt (1879) – stayed in Sweden.

    Patrik Viktorius married in 1901 to Ida Lagergren and the same year they emigrated to Woodrow, Pierce, Washington …



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