Grandma’s brother Sigfrid …

1884 travelled the 19-year-old farmer’s son Berndt Olsson from Hosaby to America.
He settled in Sycamore, Illinois … and it was to him his Swedish-born nephew later traveled.
First (?) out where my grandmother Esther’s older brother Sigfrid Eliasson, born January 14, 1891, from Hosaby 7 … and he arrived March 23, 1909 with the SS Ivernia, after having been on the road for twelve days.

1910 lived Berndt Olsson, or Bernhard H Oleson as he called himself in the United States … on the Exchange St., Ward 2 Sycamore, DeKalb, Illinois with his US born wife
Hulda Marie Andersson and their 10-year-old adopted daughter, Ruth.
He worked as a merchant in the food industry … and called himselves short and good BEN.

1911 arrived my grandmother Esther’s older sister Olga Eliasson … and til Olga in Sycamore traveled my grandmother the following year.


To travel / migrate to a relative – or good friend – was a very common way when you left Sweden … often on a ticket that you received from therm (hint: if you find ONE emigrant in the family, you can expec there are more).

Family immigration is this called today 🙂


The sisters returned, however – in contrast to the brother Sigfrid – to Sweden.

Grandma did not told me much about him, only that he has been hit by a car … so badly that he died (-Lock up fore car, kids!).
The accident could have happened in Copenhagen … when he was on his way ”home” to visit relatives ”-So he did not come home alive.”
Sad, sad … I thought this was when I was a child, and poor poor Sigfrid, who did not come home alive: /.

Basically, that was everything she said … and everything I hawe known about Sigfrid, his life has been hidden in mystery …endtil my mother and sister one day decide too clean the attic of grandmother’s house.

And there – hello whoops – they found an old unikabox, I think it’s called … white letters addressed to my grandmother between 1952 and 1959. The senders were here sister Olga in Gothenburg and Christine Lindquist in Ames.

I know that Grandma’s best friend in the United States name was Christina, and that did not make this less interesting. Was it her friend who wrote the letters, Is? Or was the sender from another Christine ???

I thought that Christine would be easy to ”take”, born March 8, 1887 – according to her death notice 1970 – … but no. That her mother tongue is Swedish is no doubt whatsoever, although she mixes in some English words, like hart attac (which she suffered in 1957), beddrom and visiting.

She has a good knowledge of not only my grandmother and Olga’s families, but also their siblings … which made me suspect that she came from Mjallby parish, which, however, proved to be wrong.

It is true, however, that she came to the US in 1905, and that she probably married name Lindquist. Her husband was called Henning Lindquist and emigrated from Holland, Sweden 1906 … uh, Halland should it be 🙂. The couple has a daughter and two sons … and at least two grandchildren. Moreover, the television 1953 …

Swedish pastries …
… Would have been fun to have the recipe, but it is often baked Christine to all meeting and associations, she was on.

Probably learned grandmother know Christine sometime between 1912-1916 in Sycamore…

Why was Christine’s letter so interesting then?
Well, according to the letters lived the lost brother Sigfrid a mil outside Ames under the name Sigfred E Olson. There he had a farm and cultivated both grain and beans … and not only that; He was married and had two sons … who are cousins ​​of my father (no one has never ever said that my father had cousins ​​in the United States either, which ultimately meant that I have second cousins ​​there … at least seven, as it turned out).

The thing to write letters to relatives in Sweden was not Sigfreds forte, but he greeted them by Christine’s letter. According to her, the relatives in Sweden shoud not be worry about him. He was an accomplished farmer with many friends …

Where Sigfrid was before 1919 I do not know … yet, but 8 October he married in Des Moines, Huxley, Slater, Iowa with the 20-year-old Geneva O Nelson (you’d be surprised too know how many ways you can spell her name; Genevieve, Jenevieve …).

Nor do I know when he trashed the last name Eliasson, and took the father’s surname Olson instead … or even when he moved from Sycamore to Ames, Iowa, a little night itinerary in just over 8 hours by car (says Christine, who sped to Chicago from time to time … ).

Siegfried and Geneva had two sons ….
Donald Lavern Olson was born March 3, 1922, and his brother Bernard Dean Olsson May 28, 1934 … both in Ames. Maybe the youngest son Bernard was named after his father’s uncle Bernhard H Oleson who died a month earlier …


1942 draftar Sigfred for WW2 …


1952 tells Christine that Sigfrid’s eldest son Donald has three children, and the youngest is a year away at college …

1953 greets Christine to grandmother’s three sons, and wonder which of them howe will get married first … ”-For it would be nice to get to a wedding in Sweden” 🙂

1954 an 18-year old niece (whos this girl is, I dont know) want to go to viciting Sigfred

1955 Christina travels to Sweden, where she plans to stay in five months. It is oxå the year she changes car to a Shyffele 1953, two-seater deluxe model (how a such car looks like 🙂 … and Sigfred gets called up for the arm.

1956 is Bernard Dean Olsson father for the first time … a pair of twin girls.

1957 tells Christine that Donald L. Olson nowadays live in California … the address, I have trouble to decipher, but Donald Olson, 5200 Merry Iellovas Ave, La Mesa, Califonien. The family has also expanded with two more children …

In 1958, she writes that she received a letter from my grandmother’s cousin (whoever it is) wife in Califonien, likewise from Bernard Olson.

Sigfred E Olson pas away January 21, 1959 … and it was probably not expected in any way.

His death made that grandmother received a less nice letter from her sister Olga. Partly because she was angry (to put it mildly!) against Christine, because she not wrote and told them that Sigfrid was sick, and she alsow was angry to my grandmother … because she not traveled and visited Sigfrid, ”-For he wanted you to come”.

He and his wife Geneva are buried at Ames Municipal Cemetery, Iowa …




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3 kommentarer till Grandma’s brother Sigfrid …

  1. Michelle Matoff Robinson skriver:

    I do not know Swedish. This is translated to English for me so hopefully this can easily be translated.
    This was interesting to read! This is my great-grandfather. I am the older daughter of Donald’s youngest child. Awesome to find family!

    Gillad av 1 person

  2. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    Hi, what a happy surprise that someone found the blog about my grandmother Ester’s mysterious brother Sigfrid 🙂 .

    I usually write in Swedish, but have translated about five blogs into English… this is one of them. The reason that I wrote in English was just that I hoped that someone of Sigfrids children / grandchildren would find it and answer …

    Sigfrid had many siblings, but it was only he who emigrated… his sisters Ester and Olga returned to Sweden. My grandmother Ester had three sons; Erik b. 1923, Göte b. 1925 and Gunnar b. 1927… and Im Gunnars oldest daughter, b 1959 🙂


  3. Gunvor Persson skriver:

    In this blog you vill find a foto whit Sigfrids sibbling an father.



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