Svensdotter = Lysander… = Lesander? in English…

This is a translation of the blog due to an email contact with a grandchild’s child to Carrie Lesander in the United States …


The surname Lysander is sometimes mentioned in connection with a woman, Mathilda Svensdotter, who once lived in Lörby, Mjällby sn in Blekinge. I have not found any written source for it, but, on the other hand, received the question more than once;

– Where does the name Lysander come from?

… Oh and I usually reply what I have heard; it comes from America, and is a misreading of the name Svensdotter.

You should never say never, but I am not so sure that it really comes from a fault reading anymore …


1898. A little over 120 years ago, or February 10, 1898, a boy was born in Chicago, Illinois, named Andrie Lesander Benson…

He was the oldest child of a couple from Sölvesborg in the embrace, namely Andrew Benson and Carrie Lesander… who actually came from Lörby in Mjällby parish, and both had emigrated in 1889… however, from different places, one from Tving and one from Lörby.


1889. Andrew Benson b. June 7, 1862, and he was actually named Anders Pehrsson … and was the son of Per Bengtsson and Anna Andersdotter at Lörby 19. When he was nine (1871) the whole family with seven children moved to Ronneby, and settles in Hasselstad. Fifteen years later, the family is found at Tving 85, and has been extended with two more children, born in Hasselstad.

In 1885 Anders brother Per b. In 1867 travels to America, and the following year the sisters Pella b. 1863 and Hanna b. 1865 follow.

Anders? Yes, he stands as the owner of 2/3 of Tving 85, when he emigrated in 1889…

Carrie Lesander b. May 20, 1867, was actually christened Karolina Svensdotter… and daughter of Sven Andersson and Nilla Mattsdotter at Lörby 18.

She emigrated on April 6, 1889

——— … but we take it from the beginning. —–

The oldest in Sven and Nilla’s children’s ward at Lörby 18 was Hanna b. April 10, 1858, and she had emigrated to America as early as May 16, 1877 … and then even the youngest sister Selma Sofia was not born.

The second oldest was Mathilda Svensdotter …
Then followed three guys, Mass, Nils and Ola … who all came to the world – and left the same – on August 12, 1863.

In addition, there were Elsa b. 1864, Nils b. May 15, 1869, who emigrated April 18, 1888, Anna b. May 1, 1872 … who also directed to the great land on the west on April 26, 1890, Nilla b. January 25, 1875 … who emigrated on October 24, 1895 and Selma Sofia b. 1877.

1893. Married Nels S Lesander on April 15 in Rockford, Illinois, to Matina Hattie Eklund.

1895. With SS Etruria, who arrived in N.Y. on November 11, 1895 from Liverpool, England, there were two ladies, Cora 28 years old and Anna Lesander, 23 years with. They were native to Sycamore, Illinois … and with them also 20-year-old Nilla Svenson traveled.


I’m not sure, but the gut feeling tells me that Cora, Anna and Nilla are sisters, and also daughters to Sven Andersson and Nilla Mattsdotter at Lörby 18.

1896. Nels Lesander became an American citizen on April 20.
Annie Lesander married John Lundquist on September 22, and in September of the following year they became the parents of Frances Myrtle Lundquist…


… And on November 15, 1896, Nels Lesander dies.

1897. Carrie marries Andrew Benson on July 24…
…. And a week later, sister Nellie Lesanden was lucky to be a bride when she married John Albert Carlson … and almost on the day nine months later she became the mother of little Ethel Albina Natalia Carlson.

————— Four Weddings and a Funeral —————

… is a movie title that almost matches the siblings, but five weddings and three funerals are closer to the truth.


1901. Annie dies, just 29 years old on October 9. She is buried at Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois…

1904. On February 4, Nellie Lesander, aged 29, dies.

—————- at home in Lörby ——————-

1911. On October 11, 75-year-old watchmaker Sven Andersson dies at Karlshamns hospital. In addition to the widow Nilla, the following is the inheritor; the daughters Hanna staying in America, Thilda married to farmer Magnus Svensson in Lörby (she is also grandfather’s mother to one of the participants in ”Allt för Sverige”, first season), Elsa living in Hörby, Karolina married and living in America, Selma married to the creator Alfred Andersson in Djupekås, as well as deceased daughter Annas in America staying daughter Frances Lundqvist, as well as deceased daughter Nillas in America staying child Ethel Karlsson…

That these are the same people mentioned in the drawing, who called themselves Lesander in surname in America, there is no doubt … the question is just where the name comes from? Don’t think it comes down to a misreading, though …

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